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    Why Some People Dislike REALTORS, But Shouldn’t

    Some People Just Dislike REALTORS When I began thinking about buying my first home, the thought of hiring a REALTOR made me cringe.  I always disliked salespeople.  All of them.  Any time I’d walk into a furniture store and catch the salesperson out of the corner of my eye (it was important to avoid eye contact), I’d embark on a mission of trying to elude him (not to be sexist, but I’m going to refer to everyone as male in gender just for the sake

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    Why You Should NOT Use Zillow

    Don’t Use Zillow! Today, anyone looking to purchase a new home utilizes the internet to search for homes for sale.  The most trafficked real estate website in the world is Zillow.  Many potential home buyers and sellers will use Zillow to research a neighborhood or get property values or even to choose a real estate agent.  We will explain to you why you should NOT use Zillow when interested in real estate. Bigger Doesn’t Mean Better When searching online for real estate, you want to

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